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Release Version: 0.2
July 8, 2024

New Features in The F* Word Platform

1. Mint and List on OpenSea

We’ve added the ability for you to list your stunning creations on OpenSea using The F* Word platform. All the dress listings will be under a common collection – The F* Word Collection on OpenSea. As part of the listing process, you will be required to input the terms of commercialization: number of units to be minted and the price to be charged in MATIC. Minting is done on the polygon blockchain.

2. Mint to F* Wallet

Alternatively, you can always mint an NFT and keep it in your F* Wallet. We are building the ability for you to transfer to specific wallet addresses – stay tuned with upcoming releases!

1 - The F* Word

3. NFT Page

In the NFT page, all the minted NFTs are displayed. This page is read only; no action can be taken from it.

2 - The F* Word

4. Global Color Picker

You can now add plain color block to your designs.

3 - The F* Word

5. Import Fabric Files

Add your own awesome files to your dress designs. You can import any number of files as part of a design, in PNG or JPEG format, and apply them to your 3D dress models.

6. Share on Social

Easily share your designs on social media! Give your creativity the highlight it deserves. Your followers can view your designs on an interactive 3D canvas.

Release Version: 0.1
May 6, 2024

Meet the Launch Features of The F* Word Platform!

1. Canvas

Introducing our 3D designer! Pick a pre-made template from the template library and render it on the designer. That’s it! Choose any ready-made fabric template and apply it to your 3D designs. Creating virtual clothes has never been easier.


2. AI Fabric Generator

We’re also introducing our AI Fabric Generator! Describe your desired pattern in plain text and add complementary options to the prompt, such as material type, color and type of pattern application. Then, let AI generate ideas for you!

AI Fabric Generator
AI Fabric Generator

3. Dashboard

Meet The F* Word’s dashboard! Each dress file is organized in a collection. You can view all dress files or view dress files per collection. Also, create a completely new collection or start a new dress creation right from the Dashboard.

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